Thousands of books from the US on their way to Vietnam

By Thu Duong, Thanh Nien News

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Volunteers of the VnBookDrive load the books onto the truck in the US for their voyage to Vietnam.
Over 1,400 books will reach Vietnam from the US as part of the Vietnam Book Drive (VnBookDrive) project managed by Vietnamese students and scholars in America.
The journey was the 7th project of its kind over the last eight years, which has successfully transferred more than nine thousands books to Vietnam.
Early this year in Columbia, Missouri, the VnBookDrive team collected, sorted, packaged over 1,400 books in different fields like science, technology, medicine before shipping them to Vietnam. They are scheduled to reach Hai Phong Port in April.
The books are meaningful gifts dedicated to Vietnamese students and researchers from individual and institutional donors from all over the U.S. under the financial auspices of Vietnamese universities and philanthropists.
This year the recipient institution is the library of the Hanoi University of Science.
Launched in 2007, the VnBookDrive is a non-profit project run by the Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows and Scholars Association (VEFFA).
Its volunteer members, who are Vietnamese students and scholars across 50 states in the US, called for university libraries, professors, and friends to donate books before shipping them to a host location where a volunteer team manually sorts, categorized, and archives the books (i.e., titles, authors, publishing year, publishers) before packaging and shipping them to Vietnam.
The major aim of the project is to supply Vietnamese undergraduates, faculty members, and researchers with professional references and documents for their study and work.
Volunteers sort books before packaging and shipping them to Vietnam
So far, VnBookDrive project has collaborated with eight leading Vietnamese universities including the Hanoi University of Technology, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vinh University, Da Nang University, Hanoi Agriculture University, Hanoi Water Resources University, Ton Duc Thang University in HCMC, and the Hanoi University of Science.
Le Sy Tung, a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota and also the project manager of the Vietnam Book Drive of last year, said: “Our volunteer team here in America is doing our best to seek, sort, and ship as many valuable professional books in English as we can to Vietnam.”
Truong Ngoc Kiem, a professor at Hanoi University of Science, gave a statement to the press: “We are waiting for the 1,400 books coming to our University to enrich our modest collection of specialized books in English. The Vietnamese students in the U.S. have done a super practical and meaningful project, helping students at home improve their English ability in study and research. This fuels the students’ endeavor to have research articles published in prestigious international scientific journals. The project also shows the humanity, the caring spirit of Vietnamese students in the U.S. for students at home. The archive of the books will be available on the Vietnam Book Drive’s website (, and so all students can search and borrow those books.
According to the VnBookDrive team, they are expanding their network of representatives this year. At the same time, the team aims to further promote the project, making more people in the U.S. and in Vietnam aware of the knowledge-based campaign. The team hopes to receive more assistance -- both financial and spirit -- from donors, organizations and individuals.

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