Vietnam celebrities urge people not to consume wildlife products

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NGO Education for Nature-Vietnam Thursday released a video clip of five public figures urging people not to consume wildlife products.

In a one-minute public service announcement former politician Vu Mao, scientist Nguyen Lan Dung, businessman Nguyen Manh Hung, wrestling coach Man Ba Xuan, and supermodel Vu Nguyen Ha Anh say that using wildlife products will not make you stronger, more intelligent, more influential, more successful, or famous.

The message will air on national and provincial TV channels throughout November and December.

"[It] is designed to dispel some of the myths surrounding the use of wildlife products," ENV deputy director Tran Viet Hung said.

"With the support of so many respected, well-known public figures, the message is clear and strong that consuming wildlife will not make you stronger or more successful in any way.

"Wildlife consumption does not bring any benefits to you, but contributes to the decline of our precious wildlife and biodiversity.


"One of the best things anyone can do to protect wildlife is to not consume it in any form, and this is what we are encouraging, before it is too late."

The PSA, the 14th made by ENV, is part of a long ongoing campaign to reduce demand for and consumption of wildlife in Vietnam.

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