These 20 totally unique watches are blowing our mind

By Stephen Pulvirent, Bloomberg

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Every two years, Only Watch in Geneva brings together the industry's biggest names to aid muscular dystrophy research by auctioning off exclusive yet fun, one-of-a-kind watches designed specifically for the event. Phillips's watch department is officiating, and more than 40 brands will be participating. Here are some of the most mind-blowing creations hitting the block Nov. 7 that we have our eye on. (Hey, it’s for charity.)
Hublot Classic Fusion Only Watch Britto
 Brazilian artist Romero Britto created a graphic logo for Only Watch, which an enameler in Switzerland carefully recreated for the dial. It's bright, crazy, and kind of awesome. Just the sort of outlandishness you've come to expect and appreciate from Hublot.
Source: Hublot via Bloomberg
Hermès In The Pocket
 In The Pocket has a romantic backstory that Hermès is pushing that involves a little girl, a gift from her father, and the invention of the wristwatch. I'll spare you that and just let you know that this special edition has both a red leather strap and a fob for holding the simply elegant rose-gold and black watch.
Source: Hermès via Bloomberg
Chopard Mark Webber Superfast Chrono Porsche 919
 You might not think of Chopard when you think of auto racing, but the brand actually has deep connections to that world. For Only Watch, Chopard concocted a special flyback chronograph for brand ambassador Mark Webber with his Porsche's 919 model number right on the dial. It's a bold racer's watch and one most people won't assume comes from the storied jewelry maker.
Source: Chopard via Bloomberg
Vulcain 50s Presidents' Cloisonné Grand Feu Only Watch Pegasus
 Ticking away inside this watch is the same sturdy automatic alarm movement that powers the simpler midcentury-inspired Cricket watches. But the dial is a hard-fired enamel depiction of Pegasus flying againt guilloché water and fiery sky. This isn't a bid for shrinking violets.
Source: Vulcain via Bloomberg
Speake-Marin The Resilience 'One Art'
 All the trademark Speake-Marin traits are here: white enamel dial, inky markers, and those old-school blued steel "foundation style" hands. But setting it apart, the red gold case has unique scrolling motifs on the sides and a 0.2 carat sapphire set into the large onion-shaped crown.
Source: Speake-Marin via Bloomberg
Laurent Ferrier Galet Square Sector Dial
The square case is already new for Laurent Ferrier this year, but this watch takes it further. First off, it's made of stainless steel instead of precious gold (something collectors love), and the dial has two-tone coloring and distinctive black "sector" markers that recall watches from the 1930s and ’40s.
Source: Laurent Ferrier via Bloomberg 
Maurice LaCroix Masterpiece Gravity Only Watch 2015
 Blue seems to be a theme among this year's Only Watches, but none commits more fully to the color than this Maurice LaCroix. The case itself is a blue alloy of titanium, aluminum, magnesium, zirconium, and ceramic called Powerlite that's durable and lightweight. Color-matched lacquer dials continue the hue, and the baseplates have unusual swirl motif engraving.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal
 This isn't just the same model as the watch Rafael Nadal wears on the court—it's the actual watch. The combination quartz composite case is sandwiched around the carbon movement and is shock-resistant enough to withstand a tennis match. The model is only a few months old, and this prototype was tested by Nadal himself and worn during parts of the 2015 tennis season. No word yet if the fabric strap is new or still marked by the sweat of a champion.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain Bleu
 The Chronomètre Bleu may be F.P. Journe's least expensive watch, but it's also the most popular—thanks, tantalum case and iridescent blue dial—even with guys who already own a pricier model. There's often a monthslong waitlist to get one. Here, Journe gives that same unique, signature treatment to one of his more complicated models, the Tourbillon Souverain. But this time there's only one.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Breguet Type XXI 3813 Platinum
 How do you make an extremely utilitarian watch a little more special? Make it in platinum, that's how. This classic pilot's chronograph has a platinum case we're willing to bet weighs a ton, though you'd never know it wasn't steel from a distance. The textured dial has dark, vintage-colored luminous markers, numerals, and hands, helping it fly under the radar.
Source: Breguet via Bloomberg
Tudor Black Bay One Ref. 7923/001
 Instead of thinking how they could improve on the Black Bay, Tudor just looked in the archive. The Black Bay One is essentially a recreation of the original Tudor Submariner from 1954. It's accurate down to the bold dial markings, red triangle at 12 o'clock, vintage logo, and the long pencil-shaped hands. Oh how I wish this were a normal production watch.
Source: Tudor via Bloomberg
Voutilainen GMT-6
 Kari Voutilainen is considered the master of watch finishing, and every component, from the dial plates, to the hands, to the movement screws, has been attended to. This GMT has a unique guilloché enamel dial that contrasts dark blue and rich gold against a gunmetal ground. Here's a hanky for that drool.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Vacheron Constantin Métier d'Art Mécaniques Ajourées
 Ornate skeletons are one of Vacheron's flagship competencies. No one else does them like this. There's not a bit of unnecessary metal left on the fully exposed movement, and every edge has been polished and finished to the highest level. Give me a loupe, and I could spend days staring at this. A red enamel ring and Only Watch cutout at 3 o'clock makes this one even more special.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
De Bethune DBS Pièce Unique
 Before you say anything, yes, I know this watch looks like it has the Star Trek logo right in the center of the dial. That aside, De Bethune's watches always look space-age appropriate. The bright blue hour markers float above on a ring, while the balance wheel seems to hang from the red marker at 6 o'clock, which is unique to this watch.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Patek Philippe 5016A-010
 This is the very definition of "mega watch." Patek produced the 5016 from 1993 to 2011 and has resurrected it for Only Watch 2015. But this is the first (and only) model ever made in steel, with a deep blue dial and strap to match. The combination of tourbillon, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar should be enough for even the most demanding collector.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Leroy Chronomètre Observatoire
 The lone entry to Only Watch from France, Leroy decided to go all-out aluminum. The case, dial, and movement of this Chronomètre Observatoire are all made from the lightweight metal. The cream-colored dial with gray subdial gives the watch an elegant look, while the dusty, brownish gray coloring of the case is really unusual. This is one that's going to start a lot of conversations.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Jacob & Co Epic SF24
 In a field of bold watches, this one might just be the most outlandish. The flipboard mechanism you see up top is actually a GMT complication (set here to the location of the Only Watch auction), and the winner of the watch will be able to customize the city options to include his or her hometown. The titanium case is punctuated with red details in the cutouts that match the dial accents.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Ulyssee Nardin Only Watch Stranger
 The Stranger is a tiny music box for your wrist, playing out a song on the little blades with a rotating disc at 12 o'clock. This unique model plays Queen's We are the Champions, a fitting tune for someone who managed to snag this one-of-one watch. The black titanium case and red blades add to the rockstar appeal.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime "The World is a Dancefloor"
 Vuitton's Escale Worldtimer is one of the most colorful watches on the market, and here it gets even more playful. In collaboration with Paul Pettavino, the son of Only Watch's founder, LV designed a special dial center for this version that resembles a disco dancefloor. Sure, it's a little goofy, but if you're not going to have fun with your watches, you're doing it wrong.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg
Bell & Ross BR-1 Skull Bronze Tourbillon
 Say it with me: "pirate watch." I never thought I'd be excited about a skull-and-crossbones-themed timekeeper, but it's hard not to get into the spirit with this one. The bronze case already has a heavy patina, and the hand-engraved gold skull is joined by four sword-shaped hands that tell the hours, minutes, power reserve, and accuracy indication.
Source: Phillips via Bloomberg

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