Russian market closure strands 400 Vietnamese

TN News

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Russia shut down the Emeral market in Moscow on Tuesday, putting 400 Vietnamese traders out of work.

The action came after Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin made an inspection tour of MKAD, a ring road around the city in November, and concluded that the Emeral market looked like a slum, said Nguyen Huy Hoang, a member of the Vietnamese Association in Russia.

The temporary 28.4-hectare market was home to around 400 Vietnamese traders along with many Russian sellers as well as vendors from China, Korea, and India. Most of the Vietnamese traded in cloth and home products there, Hoang said.

He also said many of the Vietnamese vendors were those who had formerly done business at the Cherkizovsky market, known by Vietnamese as Cho Vom (Dome Market). They moved to Emeral after the Cherkizovsky Market was closed in 2009.

With Emeral having to shut down, they have to look for other markets far from Moscow, said Hoang.

Sobyanin said at a meeting on November 26 that Moscow is now home to 80 temporary markets which have trading in smuggled goods, thus they contribute nothing to the government's budget and prevent civilized trade.

He said the Moskow government is determined to clear all these markets.

Vietnamese people in Russia are worried not only about the market shutdowns in the coming time but also about a Russian government regulation that will ban all foreign retailers from January 1 next year.

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