International Voices: "China muscles Vietnam closer to US"

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International Voices: "China muscles Vietnam closer to US"
“Chinese policy has been… to muscle up to one or other of its neighbors, or all of its neighbors at different times. It really is extraordinary to see the Vietnamese being pushed closer and closer to the United States in strategic terms. That’s remarkable. That is quite an achievement for viewers of history.”
--Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said during a security and economic conference at the Australian National University from June 29 – July 1.
"Australia takes no position on the merits of the competing claims, but we do have a vested interest, a deep vested interest, in the maintenance of peace and stability in the seas and oceans to our north and west. That is why we urge all nations to refrain from unilateral or coercive behaviour and for all disputes to be settled peacefully through negotiation and according to international law." 
--Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said at the Crawford Australian Leadership Forum in June 30.
“Every time the Chinese push on a claim that is illegitimate, they should lose ground [diplomatically with the United States].”
--Dan Blumenthal, American expert on Asian security told The National Interest, adding that "a return to the status quo should be a U.S. policy, even to include escorted convoys of Vietnamese fishing boats back to their fisheries."

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