Google ramps up fight against online piracy

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Google unveiled new tactics to thwart "bad apples" that post or share pirated material on the Internet.

"As the web has grown, we have seen a growing number of issues relating to infringing content," Google general counsel Kent Walker said in a blog post on Thursday.

"Along with this new wave of creators come some bad apples who use the Internet to infringe copyright."

Google, which owns popular video-sharing website YouTube, is improving the process by which owners of digital content alert it to the unauthorized posting of copyrighted material.

The California-based Internet giant is aiming to reduce the time it takes to follow-through on "take-down" notices to within 24 hours.

Google is also modifying its feature that automatically completes search queries to leave out terms commonly associated with piracy.

Google already prohibits ads from its AdSense program from being featured on pages with pirated content and will begin to kick abusers out of the program, Walker said.

Legitimate content, such as previews of films, was to be given priority in results. The anti-piracy enhancements will be rolled out in coming months.

"These changes build on our continuing efforts, such as Content ID, to give rights holders choice and control over the use of their content," Walker said.

"We look forward to further refining and improving our processes in ways that help both rights holders and users."

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