Dow Chemical told to mitigate AO impacts

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Hundreds of activists demonstrated in New York Sunday demanding Dow Chemical to accept responsibility and help Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange.


The demonstration took place at Prospect Park, where Dow is organizing its "Dow Live Earth Run for Water" campaign.


The activists charged Dow with using such campaigns to conceal its culpability in the widespread damage caused to human life, plant life, water and the ecology as a whole by the toxic defoliant that it produced.


Adam Weissman, a protest organizer, said it was shameful of Dow to engage in such  behavior.


Weissman said Dow should  clean up the environment including the water at places polluted by its products including Vietnam, India, the US and elsewhere.


Dow, Monsanto and other US chemical firms earned billions of dollars selling AO and other chemicals for the US soldiers to spray on Vietnam between 1961-1971.


Jeannie Mirrer, a lawyer who has visited Vietnam many times and represented Vietnamese AO victims before the US court, called  such earning a "crime."


Millions of Vietnam were killed and disabled by the chemicals, and generations of children have been born with severe deformities. Some areas in Vietnam are still heavily polluted.


Mirrer said she has witnessed a lot of misery the toxins have inflicted on children of Vietnam veterans.


Some children born today still have disabilities and many cities and villages are still polluted, Mirrer said.


She said though Dow denies its responsibility, it knew clearly the consequences its products would have on the people and the  environment.


The US Supreme Court on March 2009 denied, without assigning any reason, to hear an appeal filed on behalf of over three million Vietnamese affected by AO.


But Mirrer said Dow shouldn't take advantage of that denial to avoid its responsibility.


Brian Mooney, medicine professor at New York University, said Dow should spend money cleaning the water they have polluted instead of advertising themselves through such campaigns as "Run for Water".


The Dow Live Earth Run for Water is a series of 6-km run/walks started on April 18 that the company claims is the largest solutions-based initiative ever aimed at solving the global water crisis.


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