Coast Guard looks for Marine helicopters after reported crash near Hawaii


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The U.S. Coast Guard is leading a search for two Marine helicopters carrying 12 people following reports they collided near the island of Oahu in Hawaii, a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard said on Friday.
The helicopters, belonging to the Marine Corps Air Station at Kaneohe Bay, were reported to have collided just before midnight local time, spokeswoman Sara Mooers said.
Coast Guard crews have found debris in the waters off the town of Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu, but have not located any of the passengers.
"They are currently searching for any possible personnel," Mooers said.
The U.S. Navy and a local fire department is aiding the search, which has been hampered by dark, cloudy conditions and large waves of up to 15 feet, she said.
Officials of the Marine Corps were not immediately available for comment.
 The Marine Corps tweeted that there is an active search and rescue underway for two CH-53s — like the one shown here. Photo:

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