2 Vietnamese wanted in US for robbing Vietnamese stores

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A surveillance photo released by US police shows the two Vietnamese who are suspected to have carried out a series of armed robberies

Police in the US Monday released two sketches and a surveillance photo of two Vietnamese men believed to be responsible for a series of robberies at Vietnamese-owned stores in southern Seattle.

The Seattle Times newspaper quoted the police as saying that the two had committed at least four robberies since November 16 by threatening the victims with a gun to force them into a room before stealing their cash and jewelry.

Police said the suspects are in their 30s and more than 1.7 meters tall.

The first robbery happened at a seafood restaurant at nearly 9:30 p.m. when one of them held up the owner.

The left in a car without a number plate in which the second man was waiting.

Two days later they robbed Deli Spring House Roll restaurant.

Six women were pushed into a bathroom, their hands zip-tied, after being robbed.

They attacked a hairdresser's on November 22, also robbing the female workers.

The most recent robbery at a nail saloon on Rainier Avenue South and South Findlay on November 25 did not fetch much as the owner, Nguyen Mai, had hidden all her money, Komo News reported.

Mai said she had dreamed about being robbed the previous night.

Some employees were robbed.

When the robbers asked for her purse, Mai pretended not to work there. But she was afraid they would find the purse and become enraged, and so pretended to have a heart attack and collapsed on the floor.

They gave her some water and left, she told the newspaper.

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