Would you dare to join worm-eating challenge in Saigon?

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The challenge put forward by Bo Cap Lua Restaurant. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

More than 100 customers have taken up the gauntlet thrown down by a Ho Chi Minh City restaurant, which has offered VND1 million (US$47) to anyone willing to eat 20 deep-fried scorpions and five live coconut worms. 
The Bo Cap Lua (Fire Scorpion) Restaurant, which specializes in insects and reptiles, in Go Vap District launched the month-long challenge on March 1, Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper reported. 
Those aged 18 and above are invited to eat the scorpions and the worms in five minutes. Those aged below 18 can also take part in the challenge but they must be accompanied by a guardian. 
Daring customers who win the challenge will be awarded VND500,000 in cash and a restaurant voucher worth VND500,000. 
Those who fail must pay VND250,000. 
In the first 10 days of the challenge, only 10 among 100 contenders succeeded. 
Pham Huu Nhat, who came here on Monday evening, said he was given a written contract in which the restaurant said customers can stop at any time if they do not feel well. Otherwise the restaurant will not take any responsibility for health problems. 
After he signed the contract, the service staff put a nicely decorated dish of deep-fried scorpions and a small bowl of fish sauce with soft, fatty and wriggling worms inside. 
Nhat said he suddenly felt terrified and wanted to give up, but the employees encouraged him to keep going. 
As the clock started ticking, Nhat quickly put the coconut worms into his mouth and finished eating them in just 30 seconds. 
He turned to the scorpions and ate them up in some minutes. 
The employees announced he had become the 10th customer to have won the challenge. 
Pham Quang Minh, the owner of the restaurant, said after the contest ended, similar challenges will be launched, and customers will be asked to eat lizard, cricket and spider. 
“We just want our customers to have fun,” he said. 
Anyone who would like to take the challenge can visit the restaurant at 17B Road 11, Ward 11, Go Vap District. 

A contender eats a deep-fried scorpion. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

A contender eats a raw coconut worm. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

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