Vietopia, Asia's largest edutainment city, slated for opening in HCMC

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Vietopia, an indoor educational and entertainment city spread over more than 30,000 sq.m. in Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest of its kind in Asia.

Vietnamese will soon have the opportunity to discover Vietopia, Asia's largest educational city for children. Behind this US$25-million development is the investors' successful aspiration to gather support from businesses to help educate future generations.

Vietopia, a project by HimLam Vietnamese Kid Intelligence Development JSC (HimLam ViKid), will follow the education - entertainment model (Edutainment) that has proved very successful in many countries worldwide.

Located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, on an area of more than 30,800 sq.m., including 22,750 sq.m. of construction, Vietopia is designed as a miniature city presenting more than 70 typical jobs and more than 100 first-person vocational activities. It can receive 3,500 children every day.

Vietopia will bring children to an adult world with many activities amid lively music and colors. Children will be drawn into first-person games that help them discover the job of their desire, learn working methods and financial management as if in real life.

An indoor edutainment complex, Vietopia will offer unprecedented job models like a space science institute, environment study institute, forest resources study institute, and underground gas factory.

All its vocational activities will be highly dynamic and interactive. Parents can witness their kids' joy and excitement as they step into a spacecraft in their spacesuit, examine patients like a doctor, do interviews like a journalist, and share with mom and dad the first ever cake they baked hot from the oven.

To be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Vietopia assures parents that their children can enjoy a safe and educational environment indoors, unaffected by the weather.

Part of the facility will serve parents, providing space for reading, watching movies, exercising, and having useful discussions related to child raising and education besides a cafeteria.

All hands for the children

Ms Nguyen Que Anh, chief executive officer of HimLam ViKid

The Vietopia project has been underway now for three years and is slated to open in early 2014. Ms Nguyen Que Anh, chief executive officer of HimLam ViKid, said the project originated from her own concerns as a mother.

"I had my first child when I was living in Japan, which has a really great educational environment for children.

"When I returned to Vietnam, I realized that it takes good environment to educate your children. And it takes a lot of help from many people to create such an environment."

Her inspiration was shared by many other investors who also want to present the best for children.

Hoping to make Vietopia accessible to more children, HimLam Vikid welcomed all support. At similar edutainment parks in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, tickets cost between US$38 and $58.

"For a more reasonable ticket price for Vietnamese children, we need support from many sponsors, especially those whose brands are well known for community work," Ms Que Anh said.

Besides funding from the World Bank, Vietopia has received support from many famous multinational and local brands that share similar interests.

Looking back at the past three years Ms Que Anh said Vietopia is a "risky" project that has come to life thanks to investors' strong confidence and passion.

"We understand that we are creating a product that benefits everyone and meets society's expectations."

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