Vietnamese museum displays Cham temple treasures

By Hoang Trong, Thanh Nien News

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A museum in the south-central province of Binh Dinh announced a new exhibit featuring hundreds of artifacts unearthed during excavations of a Cham temple tower complex this year.
The Binh Dinh Museum started excavating the ruins of the Rung Cam (Forbidden Forest) temple tower complex in Tay Son District early this year. It has recovered 679 artifacts made from various materials such as terracotta (baked earth), rock and ceramic.
The exhibit contains the first artifacts recovered from the Rung Cam site.
During the excavations, archaeologists established that the complex had three towers, of which the main tower worshiped Shiva, a popular Hindu deity.
In 1989, ruins of Cham architectural structures, including the Rung Cam, in Tay Son District were illegally excavated by antique dealers.
Local authorities arrested many illegal excavators, confiscated 74 artifacts and handed them over to the Binh Dinh Museum.

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