Vietnam resort blames gruesome Go Kart accidents on tourists

By Nguyen Long, Thanh Nien News

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(L-R) N.T.T.D., 27, at a hospital in Vung Tau with her husband July 3, 2014 after a bumper car collision at a resort caused her liver rupture. Photo: Nguyen Long (L-R) N.T.T.D., 27, at a hospital in Vung Tau with her husband July 3, 2014 after a bumper car collision at a resort caused her liver rupture. Photo: Nguyen Long


A resort manager in Vung Tau blamed the three Go Kart accidents that resulted in severe organ damage in a single month on reckless driving.
One victim, a 27-year-old woman from the neighboring Dong Nai Province, remains in a Vung Tau hospital Thursday with a ruptured liver.
The woman, identified only as N.T.T.D., went to Ho May resort on Tuesday and rented a go kart with her husband. The woman says he lost control of the vehicle while rounding the second turn and collided with a concrete barrier lined with old tires.
D. was thrown into the body of the Go Kart. Her husband was behind the wheel.
She felt abdominal pains immediately and was rushed to the hospital with a pale face, fast pulse, low blood pressure and a swollen belly.
Doctors had to perform emergency surgery after her ruptured liver and broken ligaments began bleeding internally.
In a similar story on June 14, Le Thi Thu Huong and a man from the Mekong Delta’s An Giang Province also couldn't stop their vehicle from colliding with a barrier at the resort.
Huong claims she will have to have a portion of her spleen removed.
Both of the male drivers involved in the two accidents said the safety belts were too large and loose to restrain the female passengers.
They also said the wheel was heavy and hard to steer.
Doctors treating D. said they'd treated another tourist for an intestinal rupture.
20-year-old toys are 'safe'
Tran Manh Hung, a board member of Vung Tau Cable Car Tourism JSC which manages the Ho May Resort, said all of the accidents were caused by reckless driving.

A staff at Ho May resort in Vung Tau stages a Go Kart collision similar to the one that ruptured a woman's liver on July 1. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre
“Our staff clearly instructed the visitors before they drove. All the cars have been tested for safety. Those involved in accidents usually failed to listen to instructions,” Hung said.
He said it’s likely the ones driving the cars did not know how to lower their speed to press the brake.
The car’s maximum speed is around 30 kilometers an hour, according to the certification given to the company’s go karts, which were produced by the American firm, J&J Amusements, in 1994.
He said the concession is insured and players will be compensated with insurance money if they suffer accidents due to the cars’ part.
“But none of the tourists have filed a complaint because they know they're at fault.”

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