Vietnam okays pact on more flights to Australia

TN News

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The Vietnamese government has ratified a recent aviation agreement between Vietnam and Australia that will increase the number of flights between the two countries.


Under amendments made to the agreement, signed early this year and approved last month, the two countries can operate a total of 14 flights a week between Vietnam and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


The agreement allows seven flights between Vietnam and the four cities every week that transit via Adelaide, Darwin and Cairns.


Vietnamese and Australian carriers can also pick up or leave passengers at a third country in Asia.


Vietnamese flights can transit via two spots in the southwest of Pacific and Australian flights can do so at one spot in Southeast Asia other than Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar.


Jetstar Airways of Australia has been conducting four flights every week between Ho Chi Minh City and Darwin, while Vietnam Airlines since June 13 has increased its flights to Melbourne and Sydney to 14 a week.


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