Vietnam in the eyes of National Geographic photo contestants

Thanh Nien News

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The annual National Geographic Photo Contest 2015 is accepting entries until November 16th.
Here are a few of the submissions to the contest that capture the beauty of Vietnamese people and landscape.
The photos are taken by Vietnamese and foreigners.
"Sewing the Fishing Net" by Pham Ty
"Quiet River" by Chanelle St-Jean Bilodeau
"Painting of Land" by Tuan Guitare

"House of Corn" by Mohamed Alkaabi

"Blue-eyed Cham Girl" by Chaiyot Chanyam

"Vietnamese Woman" by Bernard Russo

"The Color of Life" by Ho Vu

"The Sleeping Child" by Mark Duke

"The Winter Warmth" by Thong Ho
"Cai Rang Floating Market" by Chaiyot Chanyam

"Son Doong Cave" by Matthias Hauser

"The Sleeping Babe" by Mohamed Alkaabi

"Keep Walking" by Sarawut Intarob

"Drying Fish" by Pham Ty

"Terrace Paddies" by Quynh Anh Nguyen

"Fansipan's Heaven Workers" by Thong Ho

"Embroidery" by Mohamed Alkaabi

"Friend" by Sarawut Intarob

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