Vietnam bans liquids in carry-on luggage on Russia-bound flights

By Thanh Nien News, TN News

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has tightened restrictions on liquids on Russia-bound flights following a warning from Russian authorities that terrorists could target the Sochi Olympic Games with explosive components hidden in liquid containers.  

The CAAV said it would ban liquids in carry-on luggage just like Russia has.

Last month, the Russian Ministry of Transport said all liquids, regardless of volume, would be banned in carry-on luggage at all airports from January 11 as part of increased security for the Winter Olympics.

All liquids must be placed in checked luggage with the only exceptions being medicines, special diet requirements, and baby foods, including breast milk, but only in volumes necessary for the duration of flight. Goods bought in the “clear” zone, including duty free stores, are also allowed.

The CAAV has told the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, which manages airports around the country, to inform all passengers bound for Russia of the ban.

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