Vietnam Airlines cancels flights to Europe as airports shut down

TN News

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Vietnam Airlines on Friday canceled four flights to and from France and Germany as airports in the two countries shut down due to volcanic dusts and clouds coming out of Iceland.


The national carrier also plans to call off another two flights from the European countries to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on Saturday, because the Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt airports have temporarily shut down.


With the closure of London's Heathrow, the ash spreading from the Eyjafjallajokull glacier's volcano erupting on Wednesday has so far closed Europe's three biggest airports and many others, AFP reported.


Most foreign airlines in Vietnam like Qatar Airways and Air France-KLM also on Friday announced that they would stop offering flights to Europe.


However, some have agreed to send passengers to transit destinations where they would have to wait until the European airports opened to continue their flights.


Thai Airways said their passengers could fly to Bangkok and wait there, but they would have to pay for all the accommodation and meals by themselves.


Cathay Pacific, meanwhile, said its passengers are now stranded in  Hong Kong where they were to transit before flying to Europe.


European tourists in Vietnam are also caught in limbo here, unable to leave after their tours ended due to what AFP has called "the biggest airspace shutdown since World War II".

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