Vietnam Airlines aircraft drops 122m due to turbulence

TN News

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A Vietnam Airlines passenger was slightly injured when an aircraft encountered severe turbulence and dropped about 122 meters (400 feet) in the air Tuesday.


The carrier said in a release Wednesday that the incident happened to an Airbus 321-200 performing flight VN-615 from Hanoi to Bangkok with 104 passengers and eight crew members.


While the cabin crew was serving meals, the aircraft encountered severe clear air turbulence not detected by its weather radar, lifting flight attendants off the floor and causing loose items to fly through the cabin.


The aircraft then deviated about 400 feet from its altitude before the crew could regain control and return the aircraft to the assigned flight level.


There were no injuries though the jolts left passengers and cabin crew stunned. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on the runway of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport about one hour later.


According to Vietnam Airlines, a passenger sustained slight toe injuries but was still able to walk off the plane. None of the passengers or crew needed medical assistance.


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