Vietjet launched Skyboss class & opportunities for free trip to Europe

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Vietjet launched Skyboss class & opportunities for free trip to Europe
From April 15 2015, customers traveling on Vietjet’s aircraft will have a chance to be the first to experience high-end, modern and prioritized aviation services.
On this occasion, from now to July 13, 2015, passengers buying SkyBoss-class tickets may have a chance to enjoy a free trip to Europe. This award will be granted to ten passengers.
More importantly, each time flying with SkyBoss class, passenger contributes to the program of “Compassion in Vietnam” that gives 10,000 insurance cards to the poor across the country.
SkyBoss class incorporates many convenient services for passengers such as: check-in priority, 20 kilogram baggage allowance or a golf bag allowance, prioritized seats, business lounge, free meals, free SkyBoss buses to and from the aircraft. Passengers can also change the flight date/time.
At the launching ceremony of the SkyBoss class, Vietjet announced the draw program for the free trip to Europe for receiving new Vietjet’s aircraft and a tour to Airbus factory. This program is effective to ten passengers buying SkyBoss tickets from April 15 to July 13, 2015 through any air-ticket distribution channel. The draw program for ten lucky passengers will be held on July 30, 2015.
In addition, Vietjet signed comprehensive cooperation agreements with VISA and Vietnam Golf Association to introduce more attractive promotional programs for their members buying SkyBoss class tickets.
On the flight introducing SkyBoss class, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi (VJ164), Vietjet organized an onboard fashion show of “SkyBoss collection”, which was separately and uniquely designed for Vietjet by designer Quynh Paris.
Leaders of Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, leaders of airports and ground services companies, Miss Jennifer Pham and singer Kyo York attended the event.
Addressing at the ceremony, Nguyen Thi Thuy Binh, Deputy General Director of Vietjet, said: “The new SkyBoss class will offer passengers more enjoyable options. With priority and cost saving, this class adds more experiences to passengers flying with Vietjet. We introduced this class to meet the real demand of passengers, serving people who want to lead a tendency. Vietjet commits to satisfy passengers at the best quality of services.”
Currently, SkyBoss ticket is available at all distribution channel, including: website (also compatible on smartphones), (click tab “Booking now”), booking center telephone number of 19001886, international or domestic airline ticket agencies. Payment can be easily made with Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and ATM cards (registered for internet banking).

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