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Any traveler knows the importance of keeping their passport in their own possession at all times. In fact, passports on the black market can go for thousands of dollars and it is not wise to hand over such documents at the request of just any individual. 

Let's say you are renting a motorbike in Cambodia or renting a room in Thailand for a day. Do you really trust the only official documentation of your existence in the hands of complete strangers?

A smart traveler should carry high quality color copies of their passport and any reasonable travel agency or rental representative will accept this copy as proper documentation. Often as backup documentation you can request an official passport card from your country of origin, which is additional assurance that you keep your original passport in your possession at all times. These days most of the reputable travel businesses will simply scan your passport on the spot and hand it back to you. Unless it is a proper government official requesting your documents, there is simply no reason to let your passport out of your possession.

What do you do about obtaining a Visa if you are not comfortable mailing off your passport to a random embassy for Visa approval? In fact, certain embassies in some countries may take days to process the request and have additional fees for rush processing. Depending on the region you are mailing the passport from, this could add additional weeks to your wait and worry. Fortunately, there is a quick and safe way to get your Visa without mailing your passport away. It is called "Visa on Arrival" and it is officially sanctioned by many governments including Vietnam.

In Vietnam, experts in this service, such as, offer visas officially issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnamese Government), and therefore it has the same validity as the visa you get from any Vietnamese embassy abroad.

Ms. Nguyen, a senior sales representative from told Thanh Nien News, "Rather than sending the passport away and waiting anxiously for it to return, now a visa to Vietnam is as easy as a mouse click."

Utilizing this service and being smart with your passport while traveling abroad can save you time, money and most importantly, give you peace of mind that your personal information is in your hands at all times.

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