Trade show for travelers and sports lovers raises funds for charity

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Poster of the Vietnam Outdoor Trade Show II - Green Circle"

The "Vietnam Outdoor Trade Show II Green Circle" will be held at Culture University, Hanoi on Sunday, April 14.

The "exchange fair" targets travelers and sports fans, especially  adventure sports lovers. All the profits from the show will donated to charity, organizers say.

The fair will have three main activities, the first being an outdoor trade with shopping spaces for sports, trekking, traveling, handmade items, and beach commodities.

The second activity, which is especially highlighted, is the "Green Circle" that will focus on cycling, a popular hobby among young people today.

Those attending the fair will have the opportunity to understand better the sport of cycling and meet members of many bicycle teams. They will also receive information on buying bicycles, spare parts and other aspects of the sport.

The final part of the fair is the auction of two documentary photo collections as well as a lot of other items sent from all over the country.

Profits from the fair will be spent entirely on buying sports shoes and other necessary items for poor children living in remote mountainous areas. In this instance, the beneficiaries will be students of the Nam Mau primary school, Nam Mau Town, Ba Be District, Bac Can Province.

The Culture University is located at 418 De La Thanh St, Hanoi. The fair will be held from 10.30am till 6pm.

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