Tourists find wonderland during new Vietnam cave tour

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The first seven tourists to two newly opened caves came back with some amazing photos


A photo of stalactites taken by a tourist on a new tour to Va and Nuoc Nut caves in the famous Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave system in central Vietnam. The tours began July 17 and the first seven visitors, both Vietnamese and foreigners, went with Howard Limbert of the British Cave Research Association. Photo credit:VnExpress
A picture of a giant stalagmite taken during the tour, which lasted two days and a night and required the travelers to walk around 10 kilometers, climb a hill 150 meters tall and wade through a river for around three kilometers. 
A tourist stands by a lake inside Nuoc Nut where he and others spent two hours exploring and taking photos. The tour organizer Oxalis provides helmets, gloves and torches.
One of the mysteries encountered on the trip. Some people say they are limestone emulsions, but others say they are an insect’s web.
A bud with white leaves inside Nuoc Nut. 
Tourists inside Va Cave, which is around 1.7 kilometers long, on the second day of their trip. 
Va cave is very close to Nuoc Nut, but one has to swim across the river. 
Then they have to climb over a stone wall with equipment provided by the company. 
The tour requires participants to have good health and possess basic hiking and climbing skills.
The best part of Va is a group of stalagmites of similar shapes and sizes. Explorers have praised the cave as unique for its limestone structure. You do not want to miss a photo here, so you need to bring special devices for extra light effects as the cave is very dark.
Tourists also have to follow several travel rules to not damage the stalagmites. Mai Trang, one of the first tourists, said it feels rather “magical” seeing a thousand piles of limestone standing up from the ground. “I felt like standing in a citadel buried underground.”  
You can find the original story here on VnExpress.

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