Tien Cave, the place where the fairies came and never left

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 About 70 kilometers from the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Tu Lan consists of more than 10 caves. Its first cave was discovered in 1992 and then the whole system became famous internationally in 2010 thanks to the exploration of the British Cave Research Association. Photos: Thang Bamboo
 Despite being among one of the early-explored caves, Tien, which is located at the end of system and hidden behind mountains and huge trees, remains lesser known than its cousins. But Oxalis, a tour operator, has recently been allowed to bring tourists here.
 The most impressive thing about Tien Cave is its stalagmitic stairs right at its entrance. Sunlight allows the area near the entrance to have a great biodiversity.
 Magnificent columns of stalagmites and stalactites can be found about 400 meters from the entrance.
 Three of the cave's four domes which are more than 70 meters high.
 Reefs of stalagmites are seen inside the cave, which is as wide as 50 meters and nearly three kilometers long.
 The cave's name means "fairy" in Vietnamese and comes from a legend that its beauty charmed fairies, who refused to leave the cave once they came here. Local people consider the cave as a holy site and have reportedly organized important religious events here.
 Floors look like terrace fields inside the cave. When it rains, the "fields" will be flooded.
 Meanwhile, ceilings are densely marked with lines, which gives the cave yet another a spectacular look.

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