Three Vietnam museums in Asia's top 25

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The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam has got three entries in the 25 best museums in Asia based on travelers' choice expressed on the TripAdvisor website.

The War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City made the list in the fifth position while the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Vietnam Women's Museum in came in sixth and 11th, thanks to large numbers of visits and high ratings on their displays.

Ranked second among 73 attractions in Ho Chi Minh City by the popular travel website, the War Remnants Museum received "excellent" and "very good" ratings in most of the 2,720 reviews. The museum is included in almost all itineraries for foreigners trips in Vietnam. Entrance to the museum is free for locals.

The museum includes many details related to Vietnam's history, with a focus on the Vietnam War.

Many reviews called the displays "disturbing" but also said it is informative and educational.

"Outside you will see lots of planes and helicopters etc which are interesting but the seriousness of the war really hits you when you go inside and see all the photographs.

"The devastation is disturbing. A must do if you're in HCMC if you want to understand Vietnam and where and what they come from," said one foreign visitor.

Another called it "informative and solemn reminder of the horrors of a war in modern history."

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was described by one visitor as a place where "ethnology [is] rebuilt. History comes to life."


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Visitors said the museum is the best place in Hanoi to look for information on local folk art, minority cultures, and village life.

Most reviews mentioned they favor the life-sized replicas of various minority homes behind the museum where people can climb in and walk around.

"Great display of art and artifacts, and seems to be nicely curated and cared for," one of them said.

TripAdvisor ranked the museum the second attraction out of 67 in Hanoi in 2012. It received 977 reviews on the website and most rated it as "excellent" or "very good."

Vietnam Women's Museum, the number one attraction in Hanoi in 2012 according to TripAdvisor, was seen as telling "touching stories."

The museum was praised for "well laid out and excellently detailed" displays with explanations in English, French and Vietnamese.

"It does provide very good insight into Vietnamese culture and their history, and the roles played by their women," one review said, while others also mentioned how mothers lost so many sons in wars.

Most other museum winners are from China, India, Japan and Singapore, while Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Cambodia, Armenia, and Malaysia are also in the list, which starts with China's Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses and closes with the Tokyo National Museum.

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