This small village has the best chicken pho in Vietnam

By Hanh My - Hachi8, Thanh Nien News

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Every ingredient is homegrown in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang



 Locally known as "pho Trang Kim," the chicken noodle soup is only available at Trang Kim, a small village which travelers will not miss on their way from Ha Giang Town to Dong Van District. While it is best to check the pho out at a market held every Thursday at the village, travelers can find it at streetside noodle shops nearby if they miss the market.
  1.  "Pho Trang Kim" is served with chicken that has been boiled with turmeric. The ingredient gives the chicken a mouthwatering golden color, even though the taste could be quite exotic for some.
 The soup is chicken cooked for hours, again, with turmeric. 
Many diners who are clearly fans of the soup are quick to slurp it down, and then ask for a refill before enjoying the noodles and the chicken, beautifully cut into bite-sized pieces. 
 A bowl of "pho Trang Kim" looks remarkable with lots of noodles and chicken. 
 It is a breakfast staple for villagers who often eat it with sticky rice or traditional sticky rice cakes. Many travelers have it for breakfast before heading for Dong Van, a popular tourist destination in Ha Giang

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