This goat fight in Vietnam would make Darwin proud

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A distant district in the northern province of Ha Giang, Hoang Su Phi is most famous for its terraced paddy fields.
Every year, between September and October, tourists rush there in droves hoping to see the spectacular sight of ripen fields before they are being harvested.
If you are planning a trip to Hoang Su Phi during this year’s harvest season, do not forget to add its goat fight festival to your itinerary.
The event was traditionally held in the second lunar month. But this year it will be likely moved to the eighth month, which falls between mid-September and mid-October, to attract more tourists, news website VnExpress reported, quoted a representative of the district. 
But, what’s so special about the festival, which is obviously a newbie compared to many other festivals that date back centuries in Vietnam?
Tan Quang Phu, a goat breeder, said in a local newspaper that goat fights are not bloody like those between buffalos and bulls, but they are “unique,” “strong” and “attractive” performances nonetheless.
Many breeders claim that it is interesting to see how the animals which often have laid-back manners with soft “baa, baa” sounds transform into brave and aggressive fighters.
Every year, those with strongest physical looks out of nearly 25,000 goats across the district are chosen to attend the tournament that usually lasts two days.
While the number of competitors is not fixed, they are grouped into weight classes, before being paired to pit against each other.
The direct elimination method is applied from preliminary to final rounds.
Unlike buffalo fights organized in some other localities, none of goat fighters at the Hoang Su Phi competition are subjected to killing, whether they win or lose it.
Instead, those goats with outstanding performances with be used in breeding, so their good genes are reserved.

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