These waterfalls in far-north Vietnam will take your breath away

Thanh Nien News

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Ban Gioc, one of Vietnam’s best-known waterfalls, may bewitch any visitor coming to the far northern province of Cao Bang.
Ban Gioc is actually a collective name for two waterfalls on the Quay Son River that marks the border with China.
The falls are surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. The water is particularly thunderous in the wet season but is still beautiful during the dry season.
Tourists can take a raft out into the river to the base of the falls.
Photo credit: Vietnam News Agency
Bamboo-made rafts take tourists into the Quay Son River to the base of the falls. 
The landscape surrounding the falls 
Bac Gioc is a collective name for two waterfalls.
A closer view of the falls

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