The Long Bar - an unique Italian space in the center of Saigon

Thanh Nien News

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Whether you are a businessman who is looking for a place to meet your business partner, whether you are a youth who is looking for a place just for having pleasure with your friends.
Whether you are a tourist who is at Ho Chi Minh City just to linger on, or you are just a person who loves to find out interesting places in the city.
Come to The Long Bar, a new rendezvous which has opened its doors at the beginning of September at Times Square Saigon Commercial Center.
It is exact like its name, The Long bar carries many extraordinary features with stretching space like a small alley crossing through the sides of Times Square Building facing the both sides of Nguyen Hue street and Dong Khoi street, two of the streets which are famous for the beauty and luxury.
With the high ceiling, arches according to Italian style, airy open space, high class and luxury interior, The Long Bar is a suitable place for everyone to experience and discover.
The most special feature at the Long Bar is the cuisine when all dishes and drink are paid much attention from import materials to the modern and exquisite way of decoration. Relax with a glass of fresh German beer or a scented cocktail together with the typical dishes from Italy and feel the poetic beauty of European landscape in the center of Saigon which is bustling. It can be said that in the bustling development of modern social life, the Long Bar has brought to the city a luxury and healthy entertainment place with reasonable price for many people.
On the occasion of the opening, there are many interesting promotion and program for the customers at the Long Bar.


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