Thai VietJet boosts summer capacity in central Vietnam

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ThaiVietJet flight crew before a flight from Bangkok to Hue. ThaiVietJet flight crew before a flight from Bangkok to Hue.
Vietnam’s first joint-venture airline with Thailand Thai VietJet continues to gain big success on chartered flights connecting Bangkok and tourist-attraction destinations in central Vietnam.
Following its successful debut flights between Bangkok and Bodh Gaya (India) last Lunar New Year, the airline operated many other chartered flights from Bangkok to Hue and Da Nang during the Songkran holidays.
Two more return flights from Thai capital city to Hue have been operated on May 29 and June 1, which brought hundreds of Thai tourists to Vietnam for discovering and enjoying the scenery of the ancient city.
These events reinforce the fact that demand for tourism from Thailand to Vietnam’s central region is huge and keeps increasing. And Thai VietJet is making its best efforts to meet that demand and now planning to launch commercial flights connecting Thai capital city with the region.
Thai VietJet’s representative said: “The extremely positive feedback from travel agents and passengers for the last flights has encouraged Thai VietJet to provide more flights between Bangkok and central Vietnam to stimulate the market and meet passenger demand for the routes from both ends.
"We are now working closely with competent authorities and travel agents on the project and hopes it will be able to offer schedule service in the near future.”
VietJet and its affiliate Thai VietJet are also in cooperation for developing fine tuned travel products and services that will benefit its clients as well as enhancing the market development of not only Vietnam and Thailand but also surrounding countries in the coming time.
Established in Bangkok in late 2014, Thai VietJet is expected to bring Thai civil aviation industry and its people new-operation style, unique services and the typical friendliness of the “smile” country.

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