Tan Son Nhat Airport workers caught stealing iPhone, charger from luggage: report

Thanh Nien News

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Tan Son Nhat International Airport has caught two employees stealing from passengers' luggage and another one siphoning jet fuel from an aircraft.
According to news website VnExpress, these are among the five theft cases that the airport in Ho Chi Minh City discovered during the first half this year.
On May 29, a baggage handler was caught hiding a portable charger that he had stolen from the bag of a Jetstar passenger.
On June 4, a janitor was found hiding an iPhone in the underpants.
In another case on January 28, another airport worker was caught stealing gasoline from a Jetstar plane.
The report did not provide details on the other two theft cases.
Nguyen Nam Tien, deputy director of the airport, said airport thieves are usually fired and will not be given another job in the aviation industry.
Tien said the airport is also asking the Southern Airport Authority to have police involved to see if the violations warrant a criminal investigation.
Tan Son Nhat Airport has employed different measures to reduce baggage theft incidents, such as requiring handlers to wear outfits without pockets and not to carry cell phones or other personal items during work.
It has also installed surveillance cameras to follow the transfer of passengers' bags from the airport to the aircraft.
Baggage thefts have remained common at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, with passengers filing more than 20 complaints during the first half this year alone.
The airport managers have not identified any culprits.
But a worker of the airport’s ground services company was taken into custody this month on suspicion of at least nine luggage thefts since November last year.

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