Tac Tinh: The waterfall of love

By Ngo Huy Hoa, Thanh Nien News

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Tac Tinh Waterfall is around 30 kilometers to the southeast of Lai Chau Town. You can go along the National Road 4D to reach Tam Duong Town, where you turn left into a rough road that stretches some three kilometers before ending at the waterfall.

Marigold flowers are blooming all along the way to the waterfall this season.

 Locals shortens the name of the waterfall to "Tinh", which means “Love” in Vietnamese. Legend has it that a forbidden love between a man and a woman of the Dao ethnic group tragically ended here when she jumped down the waterfall. 

The waterfall starts at the height of 130 meters from the Hoang Lien Son Range and ends with a 100-square-meter lake. To have the best view of the waterfall, you need to climb up for about 15 minutes.

After that you can go back to the lake, where, if you are lucky and it is sunny enough, you can see a rainbow.

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