Ta Xua, 2,865 meters closer to heaven

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  Situated 230 kilometers north of Hanoi, Ta Xua lies between the provinces of Yen Bai and Son La. At a height of 2,865 meters, its peak is the 10th highest in Vietnam, and a veritable skydeck between December and March. Photos credit: Nguyen Bao Nam/VnExpress
Although the mountain is often described as "a great challenge" with dangerously winding routes, it has become increasingly popular among Vietnamese trekkers in recent years. Breathtaking close-ups of blankets of clouds and valleys are the best reward for those who dare take up the challenge, many say.
  Most trekkers approach Ta Xua from Son La's Bac Yen District, which is around 15 kilometers away. From there, they should take the right turn to the foot of the mountain where visibility is better than the other one that starts with the left turn.
  Sunset on Ta Xua. It takes two or three days to reach the peak from Hanoi, depending on the trekker’s physical condition.
  The sky fills up with stars after the sun goes down.
 Camping on the peak
Home to the H'Mong ethnic people with their rich culture of which their colorful traditional clothes and folk games are an indication.
 H'Mong children in their colorful dresses
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