Surprise! A 'Ha Long Bay' in Vietnam's highland


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With hundreds of islands in different sizes and shapes, Ta Dung Nature Reserve in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is sometimes dubbed a miniature of "Ha Long Bay" in the rainforest.

Covering an area of over 21,000 hectares in Dak Nong Province, Ta Dung Nature Reserve plays an important role as a protective forest for Serepok and Dong Nai Rivers 
 Over 574 species of animal and more than 14,000 floral species have been found in Ta Dung
 About 600-700 meters above sea level, Dak Nong Province has a cool climate
Ta Dung is one of the most photogenic forests in the region 
Ta Dung is home to many rare and nearly extinct animals on the Red List of Threatened Species 

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