Saigon’s new walking street is a real hoopla

Thanh Nien News

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Ho Chi Minh City opened its Nguyen Hue walking street last Wednesday, and many people have already joined in the fun.

 Crowds throng Nguyen Hue despite the baking sun. The street will be off-limits to vehicles all weekend and holiday nights, as it was the whole of the opening day. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre

 Children scamper on the street, possibly one of the few free, large playgrounds for them anywhere in the city. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre

 Japanese tourists shoot a selfie in front of a water fountain, the biggest attraction on the street. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre

 A tourist takes a photo of a water fountain. Photo credit: Thanh Nien

Lights add color to the water at night, when the fountains also dance to music. Photo credit: Voice of Ho Chi Minh City 

 Another colorful dance. Photo credit: Voice of Ho Chi Minh City

 People flock to a fountain at night. Though it is prohibited, some people step inside the fountain with children to take photos or even a shower. Photo: Cong An Nhan Dan

From the walking street, one can see the glittering tourist boats on the Saigon River at night. Photo credit: Vietnam News Agency 

The street became an ideal spot to watch the country’s reunification anniversary fireworks show last Thursday night. Photo credit: Zing 

 Many foreigners sit on the street to watch the performance. Photo credit: Zing

A man walks up from the underground toilets on the street, which has an elevator for disabled people. 

 Security cameras. The city has installed more of them after several snatch-and-run thefts were reported recently. Photo credit: Dan Tri

 A button to press to cross the street at the junctions with Le Loi, Mac Thi Buoi, and Ngo Duc Ke. Photo credit: Voice of Ho Chi Minh City

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