Saigon’s last clay oven maker

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Tran Van Tiep is, perhaps, the last maker of clay stoves in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), where the ovens using charcoal are almost no where to be found and replaced with those using gas or electricity.
A resident of a village in District 8 that was once famous for making clay stoves, Tiep has stayed with the tradition career for over 30 years, while many other villagers have abandoned it due to shrinking demand.
In order to stay in business this long, the man told online newspaper Dan Tri that he has to keep renovating his products’ quality and designs, and find markets.
He said with more than 30 workers, his factory produces 300-400 ovens every day, using materials like clay bought from Mekong Delta provinces.
The finished product, in the end, is sold to the around Ho Chi Minh Cityprovinces, where many people are still using the traditional stove.

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