Saigon guards skate around to enforce skating ban on pedestrian street

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 A team of volunteer youths guarding Nguyen Hue Street with their skates. Photo credit:
What an irony.
Not long after the Ho Chi Minh City government issued a ban on skating on Nguyen Hue late last month, the city’s newly opened walking street, green-uniformed guards started skating during their street patrols this month.
The so-called “volunteer youths” – distinguished by their dark green uniforms – are a taskforce assigned by the city government to beef up security in tourist-polular areas.
From August 3, the young guards were seen wearing skates during their patrol shifts. They said they had been trained for inline skating for one month.
According the guards, as the street is large, walking around takes a lot of time. After they started skating, their work became more effective.
“We use walkie-talkie to inform each other of any incidents. After that, we skate to the scene in just between 30 seconds and two minutes,” a guard named Nguyen Tan Tai told news website
Late last month, the HCMC government issued a list of dos and don'ts for pedestrians on Nguyen Hue Street, including a ban on all pets.
The selling of coffee, skating and sitting on picnic blankets on the street are also strictly prohibited.
A guard tells a boy not to use his scooter. 
A guard tells a girl not to skate on Nguyen Hue. 
Some guards attract curious pedestrians with their skating shoes. 

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