Post eruptions: Vietnam volcano home to beautiful green fields

Thanh Nien News

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 The former volcano is green all year round with corn, potato, pumpkin and other vegetables fields


Chu Dang Ya, a dormant volcano (right corner) is around 30 kilometers northeast of Pleiku, the capital of Gia Lai Province in the Central Highlands. It is now a big green hollow. Photos: Hoa Carol/Zing
The former volcano is covered in patches of corn and vegetable fields.
The site of the mouth is emerald green.
The wild growth around the volcano, with gigantic trees left from a former primeval forest.
Many trees in the area are old. This giant tree trunk has become hollow after centuries.
A farmer walks home across the volcano.
Wild flowers blossom around vegetable furrows. People mostly grow corn, potato, and pumpkin around the mountain, keeping it green all year around.
Farmers have a lunch break at the foot of the mountain.
A sun-burned meadow at the foot of the volcano.
The volcano under a beautiful blue sky.
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