On Vietnam's central coast, it is herring season

By Khanh An, Thanh Nien News

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For fishermen in central Vietnam it is herring season, with the fish being abundant close to the coast.
Most fishermen, like these in Binh Thuan Province, use motorized round boats to go fishing at around 4 a.m. on a trip than can last for up to three hours, depending on the catch.
Herring are abundant from the 6th to 9th lunar months, often preferring waters near river mouths. 
A good catch can weigh up to 400 kg, but an average catch is often around 100 kg. 
"Sometimes we catch around 50kg and sometimes nothing," Thanh, a fisherman from Ham Thuan Nam District in Binh Thuan Province, said. 
 Many children wake up early to help their parents gather fish and put away nets.
Fishermen often go out in groups to look for shoals of herring, but they also catch crabs, anchovy and other fish. 
On the shore, two people would swing the net while pulling out from the boat to drop fish.   
It takes more than an hour to collect fish and fold the nets that are often more than 100 m long.
Herring fetch around VND10,000 (US$0.45) a kilogram. They are steamed and processed for export, mostly to neighboring countries. 
Many women wait on the shore to buy fish and crab that can later be sold at local markets. 
Some tourists came to the beach to buy fresh fish from these traders at much lower prices than at the market.
Two fishermen return to the sea again for another trip. 
A dish of herring cooked with tomato sauce. 
But the most popular dish, according to local fishermen, is herring braised with chilly and onion. 

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