Nom Village: a 200-year-old beauty that is mostly unstained

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One of the best things about northern Vietnam is that while most provinces are rapidly modernizing, villages that boast histories spanning centuries can still be found here and there. What's better, not only their architecture but also their ambiance is almost intact.
About 30 kilometers to the east of Hanoi, Nom Village in Hung Yen Province is a clear example of how a northern village would have looked hundreds of years ago.  
  The village gate was built more than 200 years ago.
This house is as old as the village in which it is situated. It is in fact a popular setting for many Vietnamese movies. 
  Roads in the village are paved with bricks and run like a maze.
In Nom village, most people stick to traditional lifestyles, moving around on bicycles instead of noisy, polluting motorbikes. 
Tall betel palm trees are de rigueur in front of old houses.
  This stone bridge is now the only of its kind in Hung Yen Province. It is about two meters wide and has nine spans. The bridge crosses the Cai River and connects the village with Nom Pagoda.
It is unclear when Nom Pagoda was built. Two stone slabs in front of the pagoda indicate it was restored in 1680.
The pagoda has more than 100 old statues made of clay that are intact to this day.  
  Despite looking like it was abandoned long ago, this place, also on the other side of the river, is the venue of Nom Market, which is traditionally organized 12 times a month.
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