Muddy and fun: A very different kind of sleigh ride in Vietnam

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Speeding up for the finish line. Photo credit: Zing Speeding up for the finish line. Photo credit: Zing


It's a weekend of fun, thrills and just enough danger for hundreds of locals and visitors at the largest Khmer bull racing festival in the southern province of An Giang. 
Dozens of bulls were brought in to compete in the annual event. They tried to outrun the others on a very muddy field. 
Some lost control and pulled their riders down with them. Some ran straight into the cheering crowds and scared quite a few people. 
But everybody seemed to have a good time, especially the winners, 38-year-old local Chau Chen and his two fearless bulls.
He received a 32-inch TV for winning the race.
Chen said he bought his bulls four years ago at VND110 million, just for racing. He said the bulls are members of his family. 
 Dozens of bulls gather on a muddy field in An Giang province for the largest race in the year on Saturday. Photo credit: Zing/Hoang Ha-Khai An
 Come on, babes! 
 Sliding on the mud
 A bull falls on its back after a sharp turn
 Two photographers fall to the ground, narrowly escaping a straying bull
 These competitors are neck and neck
 A pair tumbles and falls behind
 Their rider also struggles to get back on his feet
 Two pairs of bulls suddenly run into the crowd...
 ...hitting some of the photographers.
 Here come the winners!

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