Morning matrimony

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A few months ago, Mikhalev Artem popped the (second) question to his fiancé, Polyakov Aleksandra.

"Why don't we hold our wedding party on Nha Trang Beach, in Vietnam?" he asked her.

At dawn on February 21, girls in pink dresses welcomed the Moscow couple onto the warm sand.

Bride and groom walked down a path of rose petals toward the sea. The sun was just starting to send its first sunbeams onto the fairy-tale like flower gate.

Waves lapped gently against the shore as Artem and Aleksandra spoke their vows and exchanged rings. The two ate cake and drank champagne on the beach as violinists played timeless love songs. Man and wife kissed each other before an audience of early risers.

"I'm extremely happy," said Aleksandra. Artem smiled at the sea, the biggest witness to their matrimony.

"The wedding is so special," said Nguyen Thuy Hoa, 23, a nearby resident. "Maybe I will do the same."

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