Mementos of the past: 3 Hanoi markets that stand the test of time

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These markets in Hanoi are must-visit destinations during the last days of the Lunar New Year. 
They have become essential features of the capital city's rich culture.
People don't just visit the markets to buy things. They are here to relive the old days. 
1. The “antique” market on Hang Ma Street 
Traders at this unnamed market cannot even remember when it first started. The market usually opens on the 20th day of the last month in lunar calendar and last until the last day of the year.
Traders usually sell all kinds of antique products on the sidewalks of Hang Ma Street. 
The products are not always truly antique, though. Some partially broken bowls or pots can be put for sale at astronomical prices. 
But people still flock to the market, as if they were bewitched.
Or maybe they just want to look at beautiful things that remind them of the good old days. 
Antique products in the market:

2. Nua Maket 
This is probably the most bucolic market in Hanoi. It is located in Binh Phu Commune, Thach That District, around 20 km from the city’s downtown. 
The market opens on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22th and 27th day of the lunar month.
In the last month of the lunar year, it becomes especially crowded as local people bring the best products to the market for trading. 
The atmosphere in the market these days are so intoxicating that make you feel eager for the coming Tet holiday. 

Bamboo baskets at the Nua Market.

Hand-made plastic flowers at the Nua Market.

3. Buoi Market 
This market has been upgraded, but it still feels like an old farmers market in the last month of the lunar year. 
The market specializes in plants, poultry and farming equipment. It has become a favorite spot for bird, flower and bonsai lovers from all over Hanoi. 
In the last days of the year, the market is full of colors because all kinds of flowers are brought here, even from remote mountainous areas. 
In the past, the market was hectic with the sale of cattle on the 29th day of the lunar December. Buffalos, horses and cows usually stood in herds beside a century-old tree in the market for buyers to pick. 
Nowadays, cattle are less seen in the market. 

Chickens for sale in the Buoi Market.

A customer looks at a bonsai tree in the Buoi Market. 

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