Mekong Delta: Where the color streams begin

By Dang Ngoc, Thanh Nien News

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Flower farmers in the Mekong Delta are hoping theirs will blossom at the right time for the Lunar New Year festival, which peaks on February 19.
Villages like Cai Mon in Ben Tre Province and Sa Dec in Dong Thap Province are the providers of a thousand kinds of flowers to be sold across Vietnam and overseas.
Most farmers have harvested their flowers from the gardens and put them in baskets for sale.
Usually they sell the flowers to dealers or transport the flowers themselves to major cities like Ho Chi Minh City, where there is a big market for flowers.

 Chrysanthemums in Sa Dec are blooming beautifully. Farmers expect to sell each basket for an extra VND5,000 this year. The flower is a popular Tet decoration at Vietnamese houses, possibly just after apricot and peach blossoms. 

  Le Van Dau in Ben Tre Province is ready to provide more than 1,000 wild flower baskets to dealers.

A woman in Sa Dec arranges her flower pots to sell to dealers.

Cosmos flowers brighten up the picture.

 A man checks a pot of papaya, which is a new decoration choice. The fruits are not meant to be ripe for the festival, they need to stay on the plant, as a good sign for the family in the whole year, because the name means "enough" in Vietnamese. 

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