Ly Son's glorious, untouched beaches, crystal clear waters beckon

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Ly Son island district in the central province of Quang Ngai is not well known yet as a tourist destination but is stunning.
It measures around 10 square kilometers on two offshore volcanic islands in the East Sea and a few islets. The bigger island is Ly Son (also known as Cu Lao Re) and the other is called Dao Be (Little Island).
Popular spots on Ly Son are Mount Thoi Loi, To Vo Gate, Cave Pagoda, Cau Cave, garlic fields, and Little Island.
Mount Thoi Loi
A view of Ly Son Island from Mount Thoi Loi. Photo credit: VnExpress 
Ly Son has three prominent craters, the largest of which is Mount Thoi Loi. From its top, you can get stunning views of the island’s checkered garlic fields, deep-blue sea with silver waves and little houses.
Watching the sunrise from Mount Thoi Loi can be an unforgettable experience. You should walk to enjoy the fresh air and feel the cool breeze in the early morning.
To Vo (Arch) Gate
The To Vo Gate in the sunset. Photo credit: VnExpress 
This 2.5-meter arch is formed in volcanic rocks. In bright daylight, the arch does not look particularly special, but when the sun sets, it becomes gorgeous with the crimson and gold background of the sky.
Around the arch is a beach covered with strange-looking rocks that can be seen clearly through the crystal clear water.
Garlic fields
A garlic field in Ly Son. Photo credit: VnExpress 
Garlic is a speciality of Ly Son Island, where it is planted in sandy soil. Ly Son garlic is said to have a distinctively delicious taste, and Ly Son is referred to as “the kingdom of garlic.”
You can see the garlic fields from Mount Thoi Loi or you can go down to them to see the garlic plants, smell the garlic in the air and learn about how locals grow the plants.
The Little Island
The crystal clear water of the Little Island. Photo credit: VnExpress
The Little Island (also called An Binh Island) has the most pristine and beautiful beach in Ly Son.
It has white sand surrounded by spectacular cliffs formed by lava. You can dip in the jade water that becomes completely clear as you approach, relax or swim to explore the corals near the shore.
Original Vietnamese story by VnExpress.

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