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A buffet of live Maine lobsters will ring in the Lunar New Year at the New World Hotel.

For a treat that most local customers have never tried, Parkview Restaurant is cooking up a slew of Maine lobsters in the lead up to Tet.

While most families are cleaning their homes, and buying new clothes and wares for the Lunar New Year holiday, the kitchen crew at Parkview are busy handling the world’s largest crustaceans for the Maine Lobster Festival.

The jewel of the Atlantic Ocean, the live Maine lobsters have been imported to the New World Hotel Saigon eatery direct from America’s northeast coast.

Maine lobster, named after the country’s northeastern-most state, is one of the world’s most precious and rare lobster species and will be featured on Parkview’s new seafood buffet January 28 â€" February 3.

The lobster thrives in cold, shallow waters along the rocky Atlantic coast in conditions that experts say give the shellfish its special sweetness.

More tender and aromatic than other lobsters from around the world, the Maine lobster is also known for its more attractive bright-red appearance once cooked.

The claws and tail contain the most meat, but juicy and succulent morsels can be found in the legs and arms. Delicious tidbits of meat are also found below the carapace around the thorax. Certain entrails are also considered delicacies by connoisseurs.

This is a rare treat in Ho Chi Minh City, and any food-lover would certainly regret missing it. These are not the tiny prawn-sized lobsters found in the Mekong Delta... these are the real deal.

Eat with a knife and fork, eat with specialized lobster utensils, eat with your hands, anything goes when you enjoy a Maine lobster. Just don’t forget to put your napkin on your lap.

Chef David Rehjon and his team plan to both boil and grill the famous dish in a variety of formations including “Boston Lobster” with herb and garlic butter, grilled lobster with basil vinaigrette, steamed lobster with mustard and lemon butter sauce, and lobster bisque with brandy.

For VND888,000++, or US$48++, customers can enjoy the lavish buffet filled with Maine lobster delicacies from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day during the festival.

Matthias Widor, director of food and beverage of the New World Hotel Saigon, says that customers will be thrilled by the variety of seafood dishes accompanying the lobster entrees at the buffet.

Every night, Parkview’s buffet serves crabs, tiger prawns and sweet snails to ensure that the curious palate is never bored. So come enjoy the luxurious setting, with a view of the park, of course, at the city’s premier five-star hotel.

For more information, contact the restaurant by phone at (08) 3 822 8888, or email ays@newworldsaigon. com.

Reported by Nguyet Anh

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