Lobster promotion in Ho Chi Minh City

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Hotel Equatorial's Orientica restaurant is importing live Boston lobsters from the US for the feast this month

Customers will have an opportunity to enjoy the fresh lobster, which is prepared into sashimi or porridge.

The Orientica Seafood Restaurant & Bar in Ho Chi Minh City's District 5 has a lobster feast this month.

Located on the second floor at the Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant proudly serves fresh lobster from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which are imported alive from the US.

The lobster is prepared with seasonal catches and fresh ingredients, to provide a wonderful gastronomic experience.

At the restaurant this March enjoy the lobster in two different styles - eastern and western.

The eastern style features fresh lobster, which is made into sashimi or porridge.

If it is western style, chefs will prepare the lobster in many ways such as thermidor, grilled, wok fried with X.O sauce, braised with superior stock, and pan-fried with truffle yaki sauce and vegetables.

Chef Wong Young Phun will make his signature lobster dishes at this event.

The Orientica Seafood Restaurant and Bar's unique "fire, water and ice" components offer a wide-ranging selection of sights, sounds, and smells plus the excitement of having a meal prepared in front of one's eyes.

The restaurant is decorated in two main colors - black and red.

This creates not only a feeling of luxury and modernity but also a sense of mystery and intrigue which is heightened by the sound of water murmuring down on to the stones.

There is some moss, large snail shells, white gravel, a bamboo ceiling, and Chinese-style round window frame, giving the restaurant an eastern air.

There is a teppanyaki counter, live seafood, and an open kitchen enclosed by a glass wall, allowing diners to enjoy the cooking skills of talented chefs who use fresh seafood to make their food.

They can see how the chefs prepare grilled oyster with cheese. They can see how they choose live oysters, marinate them, and put them in an oven or on a fire, and add cheese.


Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City
2nd floor, 242 Tran Binh Trong Street, District 5
Tel: (08) 3 839 7777, ext: 8333 (Orientica)
Email: dine@hcm.equatorial.com

The tables are separated aesthetically with glass walls and curtains to create a private, luxurious, and quiet space, making it eminently suitable for business meetings. The restaurant also has a large room for a group of friends or for informal parties.

The restaurant won the 2009 "Best Restaurant of the Year" award.

The lobster menu is available during both lunch and dinner until March 31 and is priced at VND170,000++/ 100 grams.

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