Let's all go fly a kite in Ho Chi Minh City

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 A piece of land that is located next to the National Road 22 in Hoc Mon District is said to be the largest site for kite flying in Ho Chi Minh City. Covering about 1,300 square meters, the venue attracts hundreds of people who come to fly kites or watch others every weekend. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 The place becomes busy at around 4 p.m. when many people, including professionals, bring in kites of different colors, sizes and shapes. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 A huge lobster made by members of Hoc Mon’s Kite Club. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Another giant kite of the same club, this time in the shape of the lower half of a human body, looks intimidating amid other smaller kites. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 These three huge kites are tied to the same strings. The snake is the longest with a length of 60 meters, Dac Van Nghiep, a club member said. Each kite can be sold for up to VND10 million (US$460). Photo credit: Zing.vn

 This colorful kite is actually designed to look like a flower but nobody can really tell what it is. It was presented at a national kite festival in the southern beach town of Vung Tau last month. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 It takes more than two people to fly a huge kite like this one, especially at such a crowded place. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 It is not easy to control the giant, either. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Kids would run towards huge kites immediately after they land… Photo credit: Zing.vn

 … to see how they feel with their hands. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Many kids have their own kites to fly too. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Nguyen Cong Toan says he often takes his two children here, because they love kites a lot. They come to mainly admire beautiful and big kites, but once in a while they bring their kites with them. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Young people also frequent the site to take photos. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Or, take selfies. Photo credit: Zing.vn

 Others, meanwhile, are simply watchers. Photo credit: Zing.vn


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