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There are no gastronomic limits at the Caravelle: all-you-can-eat buffet, fine French food and more…

Located in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City’s business, shopping and entertainment district, Caravelle Hotel is one of the southern metropolis’ most famous hotels.

Fully modern and comfortable, the hotel has also worked hard to preserve its decades of history as a focal point in Vietnam’s largest city.

Caravelle’s Nineteen Restaurant and Reflections Restaurant are not only known for their wide array of cuisines from across the globe, but also for their impeccable service.

Nineteen Restaurant is located just to the right of the main lobby, overlooking the main entrance on the ground floor level.

The restaurant offers a unique culinary experience with emphasis on high value and top quality products unique to the HCMC market.

A vast selection on the menu offers enthusiastic diners the perfect range of choices for a flawless meal, served with a sense of grace and hospitality unique to the Caravelle.

Nineteen Restaurant offers buffets all day long, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast costs US$19++, lunch $21.5++ and dinner $38.5++.

The restaurant’s most popular meal is its Sunday buffet lunches, featuring dishes from every corner of the planet.

For $48++, the Sunday lunch is always an eye-opener, with beautiful and delicately decorated fresh sushi rolls, imported sashimi and a full soft and hard cheese station. Nothing here is light on taste.

Fresh and fat oysters make the mouth water with a variety of dips, sauces and condiments provided.

The Sunday lunch buffet also boasts grilled sea bass with smoked bacon and rosemary leaves, Indian style marinated chicken feet and Japanese style grilled salmon.

Each person can choose their buffet items to suit their own taste. Pick out your meat and then chefs follow your request to prepare the dish exactly as you like it.

The buffet is also chock-full of appetizers, cakes, ice-cream, fruit, champagne, Margaritas, and Martinis. The buffet is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Reflections Restaurant also offers food piled high.

The epitome of fine contemporary dining in HCMC, the restaurant features chef Timo Reuss introducing a French-inspired menu, with each dish offering its own unique and distinct flavor.

The third floor eatery includes cold dishes such as pan-fried duck liver with sugared pear; spice marinated beef served with grilled tomatoes; smoked salmon with cucumber, red radish and dill; and Fine de Claire oysters served with Tabasco sauce.

The hot dishes include grilled seafood, cappuccino-styled pumpkin soup, grilled bread served with stir-fried duck liver with mushroom, and salmon with chardonnay butter sauce.

Spanish-styled chocolate soup served with Sangria wine, soft white chocolate and low fat pistachio ice-cream are just a few of the venue’s deserts.

Each dish costs from VND54,000 ($2.9) to VND108,000 ($5.8) or groups of customers can have access to the full menu for VND756,000 ($40.9) per person.


19 Lam Son Square, District 1, HCMC

Tel: (08) 3 823 4999


Reported by Nguyet Anh

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