La Brasserie's eclectic buffet makes choosing difficult

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Japanese rice with seaweed, sliced cucumber and an egg on top. Photo: To Van Nga

Last weekend, we went to the Nikko Saigon Hotel's La Brasserie food court to try their lunch buffet.

If you enjoy dining with a big group of friends and are interested in sampling several different types of cuisine, La Brasserie is a fantastic option. They offer an international fare which runs the gamut, from Vietnamese to French, Italian to Japanese.

La Brasserie is very spacious hosting up to a few hundred customers at once. We had a table next to the window overlooking the hotel's garden.

Choosing what to eat was a significant challenge. Everything looked and smelled so good it was hard to say no.

The decadent fragrances of melted cheese and mushrooms emanating from the Italian corner were too much to resist.

I ordered pasta with cheese, olives, ham, tomato sauce and extra mushrooms.

While waiting for the pasta, I visited the Japanese corner, which features fresh seafood such as snails, scallops, octopus, clams and various fish, with a cook ready to prepare dishes made to order.

Japanese food corner also showcases sushi, sashimi and eye-catching rice bowls with seaweed, sliced eggs and cucumbers.

I chose grilled scallops, sushi, sashimi and tempura. The sashimi was some of the freshest most tender I've tried in Ho Chi Minh City.

When the pasta arrived, it was a divinely hearty dish with extra mushrooms just as I'd wanted.


Nikko Saigon Hotel
235 Nguyen Van Cu St., Dist. 1, HCMC

The buffet lunch at La brasserie costs VND520,000 per person. Dishes may also be ordered a la carte.

La Brasserie also serves breakfast and dinner. The dinner buffet provides seafood lovers with even more options.

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