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Central Quang Binh Province's little piece of paradise

Da Nhay (Jumping Rocks) is an inviting tourist spot as well as a national scenic and historical site in Bo Trach District's Hai Trach Commune, with a beautiful beach and mysterious caves. It is 40 km north of Dong Hoi Town.

Da Nhay has a white sandy beach and glittering blue water. Locals say the rocks resemble big toads jumping over the waves. From the 400-meter-long beach, visitors can see Khe Ga Lighthouse in the distance.

A stone stele near the small sandy cove was placed there at the request of Nguyen King Thieu Tri when he visited the area in 1842.

Along the Da Nhay coast are many rocky mountains. Thousands of rock pillars of different sizes are in the shapes of different animals including toads, buffaloes and tigers.

A well, called Coc (or Toad) Well, is inside a cave and has a rock like a toad covering its opening. People have to enter the "toad's belly" to collect water. The well water is very pure and clean, warm in winter and cool in summer; local fishermen use it as an offering to God Nam Hai (whales worshipped by fishermen as their patron saint) when they hold ceremonies at a temple beside the cave.

Da Nhay specialties are the fish, shrimps and crabs. Many sports, games and recreation services are available, such as tennis, canoeing and karaoke. Visitors can take a boat to visit places of interest, namely Khe Ga Lighthouse and Quy Pond.

As Da Nhay neighbors Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with its world-famous caves, tourists to the area can take a day trip to go there.

Visitors coming from the south can travel along National Highway 1A, go through Ngang Pass and cross the Gianh River to get to Da Nhay.

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